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Septième was founded in 2021 in Paris by Malin Lindholm and Janina Boss Tåhlin


Septième is a premium hair care brand emerged from the visionary minds of Janina Boss Tåhlin and Malin Lindholm. Their aim was to reimagine hair care by stepping away from traditional routines and introducing a more effortless approach. The name Septième refers to the 7th arrondissement in Paris, where they both reside, and this area serves as one of the main inspirations for the brand.

Septième is a company that blends and celebrates the best of two cultures: the clean aesthetics and minimalism of Scandinavian design, combined with the established French luxury and 'Je ne sais quoi' effortlessness of French women.

The idea behind Septième was born when one of our co-founders went to bed one night after doing her evening beauty routine and realised that she had used a number of products for her skin, including cleanser, serums and moisturiser, but not one single product for her hair.

“I would never go to bed without removing my makeup, so why would I go to bed without removing product residues and other impurities from my hair” 

Frustrated by the lack of a product that matched their vision, the duo decided to create their own. Collaborating with leading Swedish beauty experts and scientists they pioneered an innovative product which provided them with the exact desired result. They created a revolutionary waterless hair cleansing mist that takes effortless hair care into the future.

Reimagining the future of hair care with a more effortless approach


At Septième we want to reimagine the future of hair care by stepping away from traditional hair washing routines and offering a more effortless approach to hair care. We create products that are easy to use, multi beneficial, beautifying yet nourishing, feel and smell luxurious and, most importantly, 100% works.

One of our visions when creating French Laundry was to offer a product that could significantly help us extend time between showers and washing, with amazing results for our hair. The traditional routine of shampoo and rinse, then conditioner and rinse, takes time and uses up a lot of water. By using French Laundry in between washes, your hair is gently cleansed without the need to wash, rinse, or even take a shower.

Developed in Paris and Stockholm, Septième is a French and Scandinavian company that mixes and celebrates the best of two cultures. Drawing on our Scandinavian roots, we believe in the power of simplicity, authenticity, and sustainability, mixed with established French luxury.

Septième is a hair care brand that believes that beauty looks best when it is effortless, and that effortlessness is an attitude and way of life.