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Veronika Heilbrunner for Septieme


The world’s freshwater supply is under growing pressure, but water is central to most people’s personal-care routines. On average, Europeans use close to 150 litres of water a day and Americans over 300 litres, with more than a third of that water on personal hygiene. We should all be asking ourselves how we can wash with less water.

Help us save water by taking some time away from the shower! The average shower uses around 7,5 litres of water per minute so by spending just a couple of minutes less time in the shower, or going one more day without washing your hair, you help save a lot of water and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. We promise you it will not affect your personal care and hygiene!

One of our visions when creating French Laundry was to offer a product that could significantly help us extend time between showers and washing, with amazing results for our hair. The traditional routine of shampoo and rinse, then conditioner and rinse, takes time and uses up a lot of water. By using French Laundry in between washes, your hair is gently cleansed without the need to wash, rinse, or even take a shower. The multi-effective cleanser prevents hair breakage, supports hair growth and leaves the hair strengthened, soft and conditioned, with a newly washed feel and scent.

We are challenging you to go an extra day or two without washing your hair. It is as simple as that to make a big difference.

WaterAid – Get involved and make a donation here


We strive to be a clean brand, putting a lot of effort in finding the best ingredients that deliver the best results possible but we are also fully committed to sustainability. In developing our products, we have selected ingredients, designs and packaging to obtain the highest possible performance and the lowest environmental impact.

Product packaging – Our Products are made in 100% recyclable aluminium bottles. The bottle might look like an aerosol but this is just a trick to give you the finest mist possible and there is no gas involved!

Outer packaging – All of our packaging is recyclable! To be as earth conscious as possible, it is our deliberate decision not to keep the bottles in decorative boxes and all of our e-commerce boxes, cards and tissue paper are made of recycled materials.

To ensure that the products we create are of the highest quality, we make sure that our partners actively work with quality and sustainability in all aspects of their operations and that they comply with all necessary standards and certifications. We continuously improve operations and strive for more sustainable ways of working. This way we can sleep well at night.