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At Septième, we absolutely love a good dry shampoo for its oil absorbing properties that makes you go longer between your washes! However, it is important to know that a dry shampoo is actually not a shampoo at all, as the name suggests, but merely a an oil absorber with styling elements that leaves a lot of product residues in your hair. Quite simply, dry shampoo works when either alcohol or starch in the product soak up the excess oil and grease from hair follicles, giving it a cleaner appearance while adding texture to your hair. Though this sound great, in reality it is quite damaging to your hair and scalp, which in turn can lead to hair breakage and even hair loss if overused. To avoid damaging buildup on hair and scalp, experts recommend that you should never use dry shampoo for more than two days in a row without removing it.

In contrast to dry shampoos and similar products on the market that claims to cleanse your hair but inadvertently add and accumulate product build-up, French Laundry Hair Cleansing Mist does not contain any styling elements and does not leave any new product residues in your hair - instead it actually cleanses your hair from product residues! You would never go to bed without cleansing your face and removing your makeup and neither should you go to bed without removing product residues and other impurities from your hair.

French Laundry was created to offer a more effortless approach to haircare that is easy to incorporate into your evening beauty routine. By dedicating just an extra minute before bedtime to cleansing, hydrating and protecting your hair, you can unlock its full potential and you will wake up to hair that is vibrant, nourished and radiantly beautiful.

The gentle formula of the French Laundry Hair Cleansing Mist makes it perfect for daily use - as part of your evening routine to cleanse hair before bedtime, in the morning for a detangling effect, or after your workout. It removes product build-up, prevents hair breakage, supports hair growth and leaves the hair strengthened, soft and conditioned with a newly washed feel and scent. Ready for a new day or a fresh restyle! 


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