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Are you tired of the constant cycle of washing, drying, and styling your hair every few days? Septième has a game-changer for you!

At Septième we want to reimagine the future of hair care by stepping away from traditional hair washing routines and offering a more effortless approach to hair care.

Introducing the French Laundry Hair Cleansing Mist - a revolutionary product that will transform your hair care routine. Say goodbye to frequent washes and hello to extended freshness and vibrancy!

One of our visions when creating French Laundry was to offer a product that could significantly help us extend time between showers and washing, with amazing results for our hair. The traditional routine of shampoo and rinse, then conditioner and rinse, takes time and uses up a lot of water. By using French Laundry in between washes, your hair is gently cleansed without the need to wash, rinse, or even take a shower.



  1. Extend Time Between Washes: Bid farewell to daily washes! With French Laundry, you can go longer between washes while maintaining clean, healthy hair and scalp - preventing the damage of frequent hair washing.

  2. Perfect for Travel: Whether you're jet-setting around the world or on a weekend getaway, this mist is your go-to travel companion. Simply mist, brush through, and go!

  3. Ideal for Post-Workout Refresh: After a workout, when you are short of time, French Laundry cleanses and revives your hair, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to go on with the day.

  4. Preserve Color and Style: If you have a vibrant hair color or a freshly styled hair, French Laundry helps prevent colour loss and preserves your look while keeping your hair in top condition between washes.

  5. Boosted Moisture Retention: Infused with amino acids, French Laundry helps lock in moisture, preventing dryness and brittleness. Say hello to soft, hydrated and conditioned hair.

  6. Save Water: By going one more day without washing your hair, you help save a lot of water and significantly reduce your impact on the environment. It is as simple as that to make a big difference!

The French Laundry Hair Cleansing Mist is a game-changer for those seeking a more effortless approach to hair care. The first rinse-less every day hair product to gentle cleanse your hair of excessive product residues and pollution while providing extreme hydration, it is a convenient and effective way to maintain fresh, beautiful and healthy hair without the need for frequent water-based washes. 

Read more about the benefits of using French Laundry HERE

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