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It's that time of year when we all declare our undying love for kale, promise to hit the gym (or at least consider it), and vow to wake up looking beautiful every day. But let's face it, resolutions can be as slippery as a bar of soap in the shower. 

In a world bustling with New Year's resolutions and grand promises of reinvention, our Septième founders have chosen a different path - one that leads to happiness over hectic, unattainable transformations as we've come to realize that the pursuit of joy often outshines the pressure of resolutions. Instead of crafting elaborate resolutions, we've chosen to embrace the journey, savoring each step along the way. For us, the new year isn't a race to become someone new; it's an opportunity to deepen our connection with what makes us genuinely happy. 

Our relaxed approach to resolutions stems from our years as Scandinavians living in Paris. Parisian women values authenticity over conformity, effortlessness over complicated routines and being confident in their own skin over worrying what everyone else thinks. They are busy living their best life but still appreciate the simplicity and small things in life. As we navigate the maze of resolutions, perhaps there's a lesson to be learned from the relaxed elegance of the Parisians. Here, where passion and tranquility coexist, the pursuit of beauty is not a sprint but a leisurely stroll through cobbled streets and hidden courtyards.

We've woven this philosophy into the DNA of Septième, aiming at creating products that celebrate the individual's unique beauty and journey and empowers us in our everyday life. Because effortlessness is a state of mind and we believe that everyone has the ability to find this power. 

French Laundry Hair cleansing Mist

Beauty should complement life, not complicate it. Our products are designed to enhance your own natural beauty with minimal effort, allowing you to embrace each day with a touch of Parisian allure. New Year's resolutions often come with a sense of pressure and expectation. We encourage our community to shift the focus from rigorous goals to small daily rituals that bring joy. By using our French Laundry Hair Cleansing Mist in the evening, not only will you wake up with beautifully nourished, vibrant hair every morning but you'll also have more time for other things in life - a true luxury!

As we step into the new year, we invite you to embark on a journey of effortless hair care and a more relaxed perspective on your beauty routine with us. Rather than setting grand goals, consider cultivating habits that celebrate your authenticity and bring joy to your everyday life. Beauty is found not in perfection but in the subtle nuances that make you uniquely you.


Happy New Year!

Janina & Malin

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